Monday, July 30, 2012

Getting Ready for the Fair

Danny's entry for the children's baking contest is finished-a coconut and dried cherry quick bread. It looks perfect, and smells wonderful. He's also entering the "best dressed vegetable" contest. We have a small watermelon, floral picks, green beans, and some cherry tomatoes to fashion an edible Medusa head. I'm pretty sure we'll be the only one bringing a Gorgon head to the Saunders County Fair, but I suppose stranger things have happened. I guess this would qualify as one of those proud, "That's my boy!" moments.

I have a sourdough rye bread in the final rise. I'll bake it tonight, and take it tomorrow. Sourdough always does better after a day's rest (as does a quickbread). In the end, I did a straight caraway rye rather than a limpa which would be dead common here in "Little Sweden."

I don't care if I win anything, and the children all get a ribbon for participation (I'm not keen on that, but that's the world we live in now) but we are having a wonderful time just entering. There's something special about selecting your best recipe, making it perfect, and then filling out the paperwork. Besides, if there's one thing the Saunders County Fair has been missing all these years is a nice rendering of a Gorgon head in fruit and vegetables.

Don't look at the watermelon or she'll turn you to stone!

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