Wednesday, July 25, 2012

In an Attempt to Use the Last Few Potatoes...

...I have done the following:

4 dozen pirogi
2 dozen vareniki (because I had extra dough, and half a head of cabbage)
3 dozen raised potato doughnuts

I could have made mash, and been done with it, but I'm an idiot. At least the freezer is stocked should I drop dead. Last week I made several dozen ravioli to use up cottage cheese. I'm sure the doughnuts will freeze well as long as I don't sugar them-so we'll have Sunday breakfast for the next few weeks.

We're expecting rain tonight-I'm gonna go out on the lawn and run around in it (unless there's lightning, then I won't because that would be stupid, really stupid not sorta stupid like cooking all day to use up a few potatoes) if it ever does show up.

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