Wednesday, July 04, 2012

A New Drink

I'm not really a board game sort of person, but the boys are. I understand most games work better with a few players, so to get through hours of mind-numbing advancing of pieces across a board, I like to have a cocktail. Last evening, I invented a new one.

I had some iced tea made with Earl Grey (that's sort of a double abomination, the icing of tea, and the vile bergamot blend, but the child likes it, and as my only child, what the hell, I indulge him with whatever sickening tea he prefers. Me? I'm more of a PG Tips woman, and I prefer it hot, but OK, I'm not seven) and some Mexican brandy. I added a generous splash of lime juice, and some ice. I call it a, "Pissed Up the Earl." It was excellent.

I tried the second round with rum, which I didn't like as well, but that one I called, "Rummy Earl."

I know you can just pour a bunch of different booze in it, and call it a Long Island Iced Tea, but that seems a waste of perfectly good gin, and vodka.

Obviously, I wasn't too pissed up the Earl as I still had houses on Boardwalk, and Park place when we finally called it quits well-past bedtime.

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