Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Still Bored?

Fine, fine. You've made vinegar, read a book, decorated some fruit and veg..."Now what can I do?" you wail. Stop wailing, it makes your face all red and puffy. Say! I know what we can do. Anyone remember those poster sets in the 70's that came with markers and some detailed design to make it woth the two dollars? Yeah, well this is the Internet age, grab your own materials and go download a Mucha from the Mucha Foundation website. That ought to keep you busy. And no, I did not bake Danny kloache to eat whilst he coloured his Mucha prints.


Raymond said...

The Mucha website is neato! I enjoyed wandering thru the galleries. Thnx!

Goody said...

Glad you liked it. Danny downloaded all the colouring pages, so that ought to provide lots of entertainment.

I am running out of interesting activities, and we're not yet through July.