Sunday, July 01, 2012

More Rejected Blog Names

Happily Frothy

Accommodate the Box

Douchebags Ruin Everything

Why Does My Shit Smell Like Vomit?

Botox is Wasted on the Young

Norman Rockwell's Magnificent Cock!

Oh Look! A Fucking Troubadour

"You Need to Get Educated" for Dummies

"If You Think the Past is so Great, Why Don't You go Live There?"

If You Drink the Tap Water in Nebraska, You'll Grow a Tail

You Got Blood in my Peanut Butter

You Got Peanut Butter on my Rag

Hey! That Tastes Great

Is That a Peanut Butter-Blood Soaked Rag in Your Pocket, or is it Norman Rockwell's Magnificent Cock with a Peanut Butter Blood Soaked Rag?

Haemorrhaging Gravy

Where are Your Ancient Civilisations Now, Egghead?

When the Cat's Away...the House Smells Less Like Pee

I'm Rubber, and You're an Asshole

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