Sunday, July 15, 2012

Tina Turner, and Fireworks!

At Lincoln Pride 2012, Saturday Evening:

Danny: Wow, Tina Turner was great! I had no idea she was that good, I really like her.

Me: Sweetie, that wasn't the real Tina Turner.

Danny: There's two Tina Turners?

Me: I think there are several Tina Turners. That was a performer impersonating Tina Turner.

Danny: But that wasn't the real one? You mean that isn't even her name?

Me: No, I'm sorry.

Danny: She was probably better than the real Tina Turner.

Errrrr, no. But I will give everyone credit for getting up on an outdoor stage when it was still 93 degrees F. at 7PM to perform in a wig, and elastic dress. This heat is back for another week, and I'm ready to die. I've had an awful fever on and off since Thursday, and I keep going from wearing a sweater, and taking hot baths to sitting before the air conditioner with ice cream. Still, I wasn't going to miss pride Weekend, so off we went.

Saturday evening we went into, "town" for _________ (name of town) Days. No drag queens (that I noticed) but there was music, fireworks, and one heck of a wonderful time all courtesy of a town of 700 people. I was too sick to get to the antique car show, and I guess I'll have to wait until Halloween for my ride on the antique firetruck, but otherwise, a great time was had by all. I love that Danny can grow up in a place where kids roam all over the place without being paranoid about it. I did get a giggle at the police patrol in the golf cart. I find it a nice contrast to all the small towns that convinced themselves they need armoured vehicles. ______(name of town) has a golf cart, though it is a really nice golf cart. Sometimes I don't appreciate how spoiled I am living here.

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