Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Inside Activities-Heatwave Edition

I won't be leaving the house any time soon.

Make your own flavoured vinegar:

Sterilise a bottle, fill with herbs, fill with vinegar. There, done. Now what are you going to do with the rest of the day?

Make funny creatures out of fruit and vegetables...and toothpicks. You will need toothpicks.

Still bored? I guess you could go read a book. Don't have anything to read? Well, if you live in Eastern Nebraska, you can get yourself over to Swanson library on Dodge Street Thursday between 10 and 3. If you have an air conditioned car you can pick me up on the way over.

The seven day forecast looks pretty much the same. Sunny, high of 98. Sunny, high of 98. etc. I guess I can make use of the time at home considering how I will use all this vinegar. Who wants salad?!

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