Monday, July 09, 2012

The Heat Broke, So I Baked

This is a blueberry/cherry pie. The red decoration on the cherries is sugar, and the green is food colouring applied directly to the pastry. I figured after all those No-bake desserts, I owed them a rather special pie. Admire the special pie, damnit.

This was Saturday, after the monthly library booksale. Danny came home with more physics books (he's really into physics, which makes me a little nervous as I grew up hearing stories about Cousin Louie who blew up his mother's kitchen as a youngster. Cousin Louie went on to work on the Manhattan Project).
Today, I baked. Baked my little heart out, I did.

Five baguettes, two boules, a buttermilk sandwich loaf, a blueberry-cherry pie, beet green, raisin and anchovies empanadas, and now I have two pounds of cherries drying in a slow oven overnight. Oh, and I made sofrito, applesauce, baked tofu, a veggie paella, and washed few loads of laundry. Then, I re-potted a couple plants, and did the dishes. We had a full day of classes as well. I've been up since 4 AM because a storm blew through and woke me. We didn't get much rain to speak of. I have large bruises on my legs, arms, and hands-I have no idea why. I should probably get that looked at. *Shrug*

Mr. ETB took the car to the mechanic for a small repair, and halfway home, it fell out from beneath the car-so his day kind of sucked too. At least the heat broke. Hey everybody, the heat broke! I'm not sure what I'll bake tomorrow, but after two (or was it three) weeks without the use of the oven during the heat wave, I'm just so happy to be somewhat back to normal. After all those salads and griddle breads, I was afraid I'd forgotten how to cook.


Raymond said...

Thank gawd your heatwave broke. But one is building here. It was 100 today; tomorrow and the next day, 106. But at least it's dry. Currently, the temp is 97 but only 16% humidity & 44 dewpoint. At least there's that.

That pie is gorgeous, btw.

And your mention of Cousin Louie blowing up the kitchen reminds me of the movie Harold and Maude, and I think it might be time for Danny to see it. I'd love to know what he thinks. :-D

Goody said...

106 is still 106 though-hope the duration is shorter than ours was.

I haven't thought about that movie in years-probably since I saw it. Funeral crashers, or something like that, right?

Raymond said...

Yes. Dark comedy. 20 year old Harold, obsessed with death, commits mock suicides for the "benefit" of his filthy rich mother. Attending a funeral, he meets 79 year old Maude and they hang out. He tells her about how death makes him feel alive; she understands. "A lot of people feel dead. But they're not dead really...." (and she gives a cheer). She sees death as part of life, the great cycle. Births, deaths; we're born, we wither and die and new things are born all the time." And so on. They fall in love. And so on. Harold is changed at the end.

The filmed it all around where I grew up, in fact I saw them filming one shot toward the end when I was about 10 or 11. Great flick!