Monday, July 30, 2012

Stuff I Think About

Today's source of annoyance is the phrase, "Highly trained professional." I mean, that's implied, correct? I can't say I've ever heard an advertisement touting, "Half-assed trained professionals." Someone I'm sure, did some market research and decided "highly trained" sounded better than, "professional."

While I'm at it-stop saying, "Very unique." It drives me crazy. If something is unique, then it does not require "very."

And if you'd please, Get Off Of My Lawn!


Raymond said...

One thing I do like about Facebook is that one can "Like" a comment. I would "Like" this post (and the next one about the Medusa head at the county fair).

Goody said...

Ha, see! Mr. ETB thinks I'm just an angry, fist-waving old woman screaming at the world. Thank you, I feel much better now.