Sunday, July 22, 2012

So I'm a 1950's Housewife

-right down to my measurements. OK my hips are more like 38, but still. I wear dresses, but more of the house variety. My aprons look a bit more lived-in. I don't clean house in heels, or wear makeup.

I really laughed at THIS (coming from the Daily Mail, so keep that in mind). It seems I've been living like a 50's housewife (though some days it feels more like the 1850's) without realising it. Except for the school run, as we homeschool. Though I must say, my mother was a 50's housewife having married in '57, and she didn't keep house-she hired someone to do that. She stayed slim the way most women did-amphetamines! According to my dad, he'd be recruited by my mother and gran to go pick them up at the pharmacist's house, at night, by the back door.
"Didn't you suspect anything?" I'd ask thinking no one, even my father couldn't be that stupid.
He did acknowledge, years later that he found it odd the pharmacist insisted on cash rather than a check.

I hardly think of it as a slimming scheme, but here's my typical day here at Eat The Blog Farm. This is more of a weekday routine, but it does give you an idea. I was a bit surprised when I typed it out, as I really don't feel like I do that much-looking at it now, perhaps I really ought to insist on some modern appliances like dishwashers and stand mixers. I'm not posting this because I think anyone ought to aspire to this sort of life (dear god, take the conveniences when you can!) more as a sort of, "Oh isn't that interesting." Please, don't take anything I do as advice for how to live your life.

6AM-Make coffee, get Mr. ETB's lunch ready to take to work.
6:15-Hang last load of laundry from previous evening (typically dishtowels, napkins, that sort of thing)
6:30-Start first load of laundry for day
6:55-Dress (yes, contrary to popular belief homeschoolers bother to get dressed each day-we don't study in our p.j's).
7:00-See Mr. ETB out the door with coffee, lunch, etc.
7:05-Get Danny's allergy meds and breakfast started.
7:15-Danny's breakfast (he's just not a cereal eater-I wish he were, but yeah, I make breakfast every day)
7:30-Wash up breakfast dishes.
7:45-Make my bed (Danny does his own).
8:00-Start a loaf of bread (this can take several hours).
8:30-Start prep for lunch ingredients, and dinner if able to do ahead.
9:00-Start school.
12:00 Lunch.
12:30-Wash up from lunch, prep for dinner.
1:00-More laundry (typically).
1-3:00 Class time with chores wedged in between (mending, ironing, garden chores, dusting, etc.).
3:00 -Hoover the entire house (I try to do this daily as we all have allergies and benefit from it)
4:00-Start dinner, finish any baking.
5:00- Tea. Danny has his at 3. This is my first real sit-down of the day.
5:30-Set table for dinner, arrange salads, relish dishes, whatever can be done ahead.
7:00-Wash up dinner dishes.
7:30- Arrange next day's itinerary, school projects, test, paperwork.
8:00- Family time (typically games, sometimes stories).Serve dessert. Wash-up dessert dishes.
8:30-Danny heads to bed (toothbrushing, etc.).
9:00-Last load of laundry
9:30-I sit down to read the internet if I didn't at tea. Sometimes I post.
9:45-Say hello to Mr. ETB and have a few minutes of uninterrupted conversation

We do manage to eat dinner together, thanks to Mr. ETB's work hours (most of the time, though he does quite a bit of work from home). Weekends are more relaxed, and I try to cook something on Friday they can serve themselves all weekend, so it isn't like I never get a break. Sometimes, on a weekend, I get to go grocery shopping all by myself.

So yeah, that's my day at Eat The Blog Farm/Health Spa.


Janice said...

A good solid routine keeps life smooth and steady. As of late, my days are rather "fly by the seat of my pants" like. I'm longing for the routine that autumn and winter brings. I love how you bump your family to the top of the priority list every single day :)

Goody said...

Moving house is a horror. Are you at your new place yet?

Janice said...

No. Not yet. All is coming along, just not fast enough for me. We will be going back and forth from house to house for weeks until the updates are finished in the new place. It should make for some interesting blog posts when the time arrives.

Anonymous said...

Awesome post! Very inspiring, thanks for sharing! :)