Friday, December 20, 2013

Danny is Nine

I'm so glad I get to be your mama!

Early morning presents (still half asleep in the photos)
We bought Danny a copy of the long out of print, Observer's Guide to Eggs from Kelly Marie at Harem of Peacocks She was kind enough to send a card with a mushroom guide (another passion of Danny's) and though the picture here is blurry, you can see his smile once he realises where it came from ("The beautiful woman that lives in the woods"). We're headed to Britain in March, though I suspect that would be too early for any nests and eggs to identify (for most birds anyway) but the mushroom card will be helpful. "I really needed this", he informed us.
If you spent your childhood reading comic books, you'll be familiar with the penguin, Chilly Willy. He rarely gets his own comic, but is regularly featured in Woody Woodpecker comics. He lives in an igloo at the North Pole. I took some liberties with the story-line to keep it up-to-date with current events.
I don't know if they teach Canadians how to draw the maple leaf at school or something, but I have to tell you-it is hard!

 Once again, the food colouring pens saved the day with decorated cookies. I never could have piped Chilly's face on with that detail.

 His hands were shaking as he opened the book, and read the inscription. I wouldn't call Danny overly sentimental, but getting a book you really wanted, inscribed by someone you really admire makes for a perfect birthday present.

We also gave him a set of walkie talkies, which we may come to regret. Time will tell.

Happy Birthday Danny, we wouldn't want to be parents to anyone else (don't worry, he's an only child).


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