Saturday, December 14, 2013

It Wouldn't Be December...

...if I weren't feverishly decorating butter cookies for gifts.

 The birds and turtles are headed to our friends at a State Park that are very patient with Danny all year. I know they're supposed to like wildlife and such, but I'm pretty sure the job description didn't include being peppered with questions from a third grader. Anyway, people that go out of their way to make our lives better are rare, and we want them to know we appreciate them.
Of course, we'll have some for the library volunteers as well.
 Sorry about the poor light-it is quite late.

I found some lovely boxes for the cookies with cardinals in a winter scene. Now I can focus my energies on Danny's Birthday cake, and Christmas. I like how the woodpeckers and kestrels turned out. I'm less in love with the blue jays, and chickadees, but I'm also exhausted-maybe I'll like them better in the morning.

Of course I won't be getting any sleep tonight as I was swigging back diet lemon soda all evening as I worked (not my typical drink of choice) only to discover it is loaded with caffeine. Who the hell puts caffeine in a lemon soda? Sunkist, apparently. Yeah, 12:30 AM and I'm wiiiiide awake.

Almost (deep breath) done.


Janice said...

I don't care what Mary Katherine Gallagher says, you are the Superstar!

Goody said...

Wait, I got to go sniff my armpits.