Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Mrs. Claus Look, and a Hand Loomed Cape

 I told Danny it would be fun to walk around the mall dressed like this with his new walkie-talkies pretending to report children to Father Christmas.
"Come in, come in Elf 88, I have a candidate for the naughty list in aisle five. Not listening to his mother. Very naughty."
We didn't do it...yet.
I've had this cape for years. It is hand woven, beautiful, warm, and impossible to wear. The attached scarf can be worn dramatically over the head, but at not-quite-five foot two, it isn't a good look for me. I wear it at Christmastime, as the red and green wool looks seasonal, but it stays packed away the rest of the year. It is also impossible to drive a car wearing a cape. Anyway, this was the yearly wearing-sorry about the mirror photo. I do have a tripod now (hooray) but I've yet to take it out of the box, and try using it The timer on the camera is a whole other learning curve.

Outfit Particulars:

1960's white hat-Thrift World (I think it was a few dollars)
White jacket-thrifted
Hand woven cape-Ireland, 80's
Green cashmere sweater-Lord and Taylor, 80's

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