Sunday, December 15, 2013

Pleats as Far as the Eye Can See

I feel like an accordion. A very shiny accordion.
At least I don't disappear in a crowd.
No, the outfit didn't need the brocade jacket, but since when has that stopped me?
This handbag has seen better days. It is held together with gold duct tape, but it was my mother's, and I'll keep it after it is no longer useful. My dad bought it for her on a trip to Miami in the 50's (He was settling up the estate of an elderly relative). She refused to use it, calling it an "old lady purse." She handed it off to me when I was in high school. That happened with a good number of things (ski sweaters, shoes, gloves). Someday I should look into proper restoration-not just gold duct tape.
I didn't buy the hair dryer (but I wanted to)
Outfit Particulars:
Gold pleated blouse-Kohls, a couple years ago
70's Pleated skirt, Thrifted
Brocade waistcoat-Liz Claiborne, early 90's
Necklaces-Both thrifted
Bangles (yellow ones are bakelite, orange and brown are Lucite)
Leopard print boots-thrifted, Goodwill
I have a few exciting vintage finds I've been squirreling away for an upcoming post.
Stay Tuned.

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