Thursday, December 12, 2013

Smells Like Christmas

I won't be hanging this thing in my cupboard,, thanks all the same.
I've just been hanging about, kissing (Chilly) Willy. Mistletoe, and all that.
Finally had an opportunity to wear the hideous Neiman Marcus coat I bought at Thrift World for .99 cents. I think we all know I don't shop at Neiman's. They don't even let people like me walk past Neiman's.

On the other hand, I was permitted to shop at Jordan Marsh when it still existed, and that's where I bought this top and skirt. I worked there at the time, so there was an incentive (employee discount). This is still my favourite seasonal outfit, though I pulled the shoulder pads out sometime in the 90's, and later regretted it. I should get around to replacing them someday.

Outfit Particulars:

Top and skirt:Bryn Connelly, purchased at Jordan Marsh, 1992
Earrings: Walgreens (I think)
Bracelet: Can't remember, years ago
Christmas Tree Pin-Thrift World 90th street, about a buck
Shoes: thrifted, Goodwill
Cloisonné Necklace-Mum's 60's
Neiman Marcus quilted jacket: Thrift World 90th street (about a buck)
Belt: K-Mart (I think) couple years ago

And would you look at the wreath I made with some Styrofoam, old Christmas lights, pinecones, and a glue gun? I think it needs more stuff, but I'm going to hang it anyway. I can always add more next year.


Today is the feast day for the Virgin of Guadalupe. I had a whole afternoon planned for Danny in South Omaha at the Museo Latino, but he's sick, so I guess we'll have nachos for dinner, and call it a day. It isn't like I need an excuse to go to South Omaha now that I live rather close. We're still looking for a nice little house over there where we can grow old, and have Danny come home to mow the lawn at the weekend. As soon as he moves out, I'm never cooking again, and taking all my meals at the taquerias on 24th street sounds like a damn fine retirement to me. Right now, you can buy a house over there for less than a nice car.

OK, off to check the kid's temperature for the hundredth time, and put on the kettle.

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