Sunday, December 29, 2013

Flashback to the 70's

As promised, I found a photo of myself wearing my favourite pink top.
It is strange to see myself before my eyebrows were tweezed to nothing, and with a tan. Lupus took care of my ability to sunbathe, and I seldom wear a centre part, but it is odd to see how my eyes have lightened over the years. They were really dark brown back then-now they look almost green.

I remember doing that haircut myself (you never would have guessed, huh?) chopping off a good 6 inches in a ponytail. I don't know how to explain the expression other than the photographer likely told me to smile, and being a good, teenage contrarian-I declined. Not the best yearbook photo in hindsight, but would you look at that great pink blouse?

Not pictured: A wide, green plastic belt and Sassoon jeans.

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