Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Sarah Coventry Booch and Earrings

I bought these years ago at a junk shop on the Minnesota/Wisconsin border. The only remarkable thing about the town was a bar with a sign advertising a Friday, "All you can drink" night. I've never seen that anywhere else. So there was a junk shop, and I bought these along with a necklace that was not Coventry, but looked good as a set. I think I paid ten or fifteen dollars at the time (about twenty years ago) and felt I'd overpaid. Obviously, I no longer feel that way, seeing the set sell for upwards of $75.00 without the necklace.

I don't wear the earrings as they have a padding that I can't tell whether or not it contains latex. I'd hate to wear them to find out! I keep meaning to have them removed, but have yet to do so. The brooch gets a fair amount of wear, but seems somewhat wintry to me. I'm trying to get more wear out of what I have, so perhaps it is time to re-think rhinestones as a less seasonal/holiday sort of accessory.

I try to imagine the former owner of the set going to, "All you can drink night" in rural Wisconsin wearing her beautiful brooch and earrings with a Green Bay Packers jersey. Oh, and White Shoulders because that's the default "classy" perfume in rural America.

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