Thursday, December 26, 2013


I don't wear much pink as I have a complexion that tends toward the red without benefit of cosmetics. Still, when I saw this dress at Thrift America for just under a buck, I decided to make an exception. I had a top very much like this around 1977, and I wore it to pieces. I still have numerous photos of myself wearing it, as I wore it all the time. I figured if the dress wasn't good, I could cut it down and re-make my favourite top.
Of course, the last time I wore bright pink, I was also wearing a wide, green plastic belt, and tight Sassoon jeans. God, I looked so fucking awesome in the 70's. But today, I went for a grey cardigan, and grey cable tights. I miss my green plastic belt. Have I mentioned how great I looked in the 70's?

 Outfit Particulars:

70's Leslie Fay Dress-Thrift America
Bangles-assorted thrift stores
Earrings-K Mart
Cable Tights-Sears
Pink Lipstain-Revlon
Pink Corsage-Tiff and Tam (can also be worn as a ponytail, or a clip)
Belt-Von Maur (about a decade ago)

I'm going to look through some old photos to see if I can locate myself looking fantastic in the 70's, knowing that sometimes memory and reality don't go together as well as we'd hope.

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