Thursday, December 05, 2013

Panettone 2013

I've been making versions of this for years now, but I've stopped fiddling with the tall loaves in favour of two moderately sized ones. Given my son is the one that likes panettone, and it typically ends up as eggy bread (I know, I know, more eggs and butter!) the smaller sizes fit better in my frying pan. It also makes excellent bread pudding after it has gone stale.

So I made two small round loaves, froze one for the bleak days after Christmas, and now I can get to the really important things like bottling the cordials for gift giving. I did pear, and apple this year.

The recipe for the panettone is here:

I use different fruits each year, and I've gone to omitting the ginger in favour of dried cranberries. I Use what you have/like. I had anise extract on hand so I used it, but booze or fennel seeds steeped in hot water will work too. I wouldn't use star anise-that would be overwhelming.

Happy St. Nicolas Night-I hope you wake tomorrow to find your shoes brimming with all manner of treats.

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