Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My Small Sewing Bag

I keep the basics in this bag-thread in black, white, and navy, needles, scissors, that sort of thing. It is too small to use for a handbag, but too lovely to keep hidden away in a closet. Instead, it sits on my dresser, and when someone comes complaining they have torn a hem, or lost a button, I have the basics all in one place without getting down the sewing box.

The bag was a gift many, many years ago from an elderly neighbor. She was afraid her nieces and nephews would just dump all her things when she died (they did) and wanted to give the things she cared about to people who would appreciate them. The same neighbor gave me the needlepoint bag I've shown here, and a depression glass platter that sits on my dining room table. I think she would be pleased to know her bag sees regular use for mending.

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