Monday, March 02, 2009

All That From A Package Of Chicken Thighs?

Since I do not have a working oven at the moment, most of what we eat is being prepared atop the range. Today, I had a large package of chicken thighs which by the end of the day yielded:

6 cups shredded cooked chicken for tamales/tacos, etc.
About 4 litres of stock
1 cup of rendered chicken fat (I tossed the cracklings because I'm not suicidal-no one should eat that)

Tomorrow, I'll reduce the stock to glaze because it stores easier.

I think I got my money out of the chicken thighs, which were kind of expensive because of the way they are fed, treated etc. As rarely as we buy chicken, it seems worth it to me, and thighs are the cheapest cut (even cheaper than the whole chicken). Mr. Eat The Blog likes dark meat, so it works out well for us.

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