Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Apricot Pate de Fruit-Day One

I won't know until tomorrow if it sets up or not (it needs to chill overnight) but I'm optimistic. I'll post the recipe when they are completed.

The recipe was kind of vague ("Cook until thick") which isn't helpful with candy making, but I think it is going to work. This recipe called for gelatin (cheating) and even if it works, I fully intend trying it with powdered pectin and that little tub of glucose syrup I have sitting in the pantry waiting to be used.

It took a whole pint of my precious apricot preserves from last summer-so it had better set!

In the morning I'll cut it in squares and roll in sanding sugar. If these keep well, I might send them out for Easter instead of the usual cookies and chocolates. Keep your fingers crossed.

They sure do smell delicious.

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