Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Still Without An Oven

-but the range and microwave still work. I haven't resorted to anything from Cooking In A Bedsitter, but I might yet.

Tonight I served pan-fried Brussels sprouts with black olives, feta cheese, chick peas, and garlic over rice. No one starved. Dessert will be crepes with whipped cream and strawberries in syrup. Not too shabby, eh?

I do have a DeLonghi toaster/convection oven packed away upstairs somewhere. We did look at ovens this weekend just in case it can't be fixed. Prices have come down quite a bit-I was really surprised how good of an oven you can get for a small price. My cheapskate tendencies have me thinking it might be worth waiting even longer (I suppose this is what everyone else is thinking as well). Anyway, I'll dust off the old toaster oven if need be, but it has been interesting seeing how long I can go without it. Mr. Eat The Blog reminded me that we did in fact go a couple of years without an oven, but that was long ago and I didn't bake bread then.

Anyone have recommendations for an electric oven/range that they like that isn't a GE?

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