Sunday, March 08, 2009

I Love Sears

No, they aren't paying me to say that. I truly love the store, particularly when they start doing clearance sales. I went there to look at stoves (struck out) and ended up buying three new dresses for less than they would cost used at Goodwill. What's more, they don't smell like mildew and cat piss.

I've been dropping weight so quickly (funny how that happens when you can't eat, eh?) that I really don't want to invest any real money in clothing. Besides, I know that as soon as I'm feeling better (I'm staying optimistic on that front) I'll gain it all right back. I wouldn't want to invest real money in clothing anyway-it all gets ruined from the hard water in the laundry.

You can also shop the Sears sale on-line. I've ordered from them before, and they often have deals on free shipping, so it is definitely worth checking it out. Two of the dresses are short sleeved jersey knits with belts, and one is a lightweight sleeveless chiffon dress that has a sort of retro-30's look. It is a small floral in brown and pink which is to my mind the perfect colour combination. All floral dresses should be brown and pink-if I'm ever elected Queen Of The World, I'm gonna make that a law. I would have picked up a couple of halter-top sun dresses but some genius designer got the idea that they would stay up better with a band of rubbery stuff applied to the top. I wasn't going to take the risk it might be latex, so I had to pass them up, but if you don't have a latex allergy, they have some awfully cute dresses for around eight bucks.

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