Thursday, January 05, 2012

67 Degrees F. in January Ain't Normal...

...for Nebraska.

I drove home with the car windows down today. I made lemonade. I served salad. I'm afraid the bulbs outside may get tricked into sending up green shoots. The Chicagoan in me is thinking, "Sure, but 80 inches of snow are around the corner", but the forecast looks good for an extended period. I'm saving a fortune on propane, but it still feels strange to be taking down holiday decorations in this weather.

It was nearly a festival atmosphere at the library today. Danny found himself in an interesting conversation with a pensioner about the advantages of wearing a sport coat. Danny prefers them to sweaters as he has room for pens, calculator, handkerchief, etc. The elderly gentleman agreed, and within moments the two of them were bringing forth all manner of oddball items from their pockets.

OAP: Oh, a pocket protector, that's good Danny, it will keep your jacket clean.

Danny: Yes, I got this calculator for Christmas and it came with a pocket protector which made me really happy because I'm a nerd.

OAP : Nothing wrong with that.

Danny: I know, right? I'm a bookish kind of nerd.

OAP: That's the best kind to be.

That exchange had the somewhat humourless German guy we see at every sale trying his damnedest not to laugh. Jah.

My point is, when humourless Germans start laughing you know something is wrong with the balance of the universe, and we're all going to be seeing the horsemen of Armageddon or at the very least, shoveling a shitload of unanticipated snow. Snow can catch you off guard in a mild winter-you know, Mike Balandic.

So yeah, I should be baking a Twelfth Night cake for tomorrow, but I feel like I ought to be making watermelon granita.


Janice said...

I was considering a 12th night punch. Not Wassail, just a punch of sort. Honey Cake sounds good. My son gifted honey to us for Christmas and every since then I have had this overwhelming need to make Honey Cake. Did you find some gems at the sale?

Goody said...

Danny found a number of birding books and a set of science books on noble gases. One of the volunteers he's known his entire life (he went to his first book sale at a month old) insisted on buying him a book for Christmas, which was really nice of her. Otherwise, I wasn't really looking for anything as there is the monthly sale on Saturday (first Sat. of each month, every Thursday). I tend to buy more books when Mr. ETB. is along to carry them. I suppose "Herr Book Kollektor" would have helped carry them out, it I'd asked.

Honeycake made with good honey sounds like a great treat. What a thoughtful gift to give honey (files idea away in brain for next year).