Sunday, January 01, 2012

I Shop Better Than You

I dragged my behind out to do a few chores today (I needed those plastic covers for the ear thermometer so I could keep shoving the beeping thing in my ear and exclaiming, "Oh my god, I have a fever!" Like it was some shocking observation) and I came home with some fantastic deals.

Walgreens had 1,000 tablets of Ibuprofen on a "buy one, get one free" deal. I go through 800 mg. every six hours, so it isn't like they will be left unused. I was pretty pleased with deal until I rounded the corner and saw boxes of Domino icing sugar on sale for .50 cents a box (1 lb.). I bought about ten pounds. The same shelf had Clabber Girl cornstarch for .25 cents a canister-I bought four. Cornstarch is something I never used much of until I became a mother and started making pudding from scratch-no child of mine is eating pudding from a packet. It comes in handy for glazing breads, baking pies, Chinese food, and home remedies.

When I thought my trip to Walgreens couldn't get more exciting (and it is actually kind of a long trip to a Walgreens from where I live) I found the .50 cent tins of pumpkin puree. Then, (I nearly peed myself from the excitement...or maybe it was my fever) I found Danny a beautiful glass/musical snowglobe with his favourite song-Beautiful Dreamer. It was $3.00

So..ask me what I got at Big Lots. Go on, ask!

When I used to travel home to Illinois (which thankfully I don't need to do anymore as nearly everyone is dead) I would stop at the Pharmacy in Deerfield (Lindeman's) to buy vanilla extract they used at the soda fountain. They would bottle it up in a medicine bottle, and stick a prescription label on it telling you how to use your fancy vanilla extract. Oh, it was wonderful stuff. It was years later, after the place had closed that I found out the vanilla came from another local company, Nielsen-Massey. I bought it a few times, but it is an expensive specialty item around here, and eventually I forgot about it. Until today. Today, I found 4 oz. bottles of the stuff at Big Lots for $4.00 ea. I bought them all. I had to. Sure, you can soak your own beans in vodka, you can buy cheaper extracts, there are a million reasons I could have walked past that vanilla except, none of those smell like my High School years. First thing tomorrow morning I'm putting on a pair of Gaucho pants with a matching shirtwaist, robin's egg blue mascara, flavoured lip gloss...and then I'm making a batch of vanilla ice cream. I'll probably sulk and roll my eyes whenever someone tries talking to me, but damnit, I am going to make my rural Nebraska kitchen smell like Lindeman's pharmacy circa 1980.

Also scored at Big Lots-1/2 price cookie tins (I use them all year for sewing materials, storing crackers, etc.) the last of the limited edition grapefruit Tic-Tacs (I bought something like 20 boxes...because I really love grapefruit. In fact, yesterday I happened upon white grapefruit which is rare as hen's teeth these days, and I might have gone a wee bit overboard. I can't help myself-I love bitter citrus. Love it. I would forgo all other food for grapefruit and blood oranges. I ate so damn many grapefruits when I was pregnant with Danny I should have named him, "Texas Sweet".) and blackcurrant tea for Danny (he likes flavoured tea).

I swear I'm not a hoarder, but I do live miles from decent shopping, and sooner or later this 50 degree F. weather is going to turn into winter and I won't be able to get down the access road from the farm. I like to think of it like a squirrel foraging and storing nuts...except this squirrel likes good vanilla and grapefruit Tic Tacs. And herring, of which I purchased several tins as well.

Anyone get any terrific post-holiday sale items?


Janice said...

We have had decent weather here too. I'm longing for the snowed in days of January. We aren't as far away from shopping as you are but, I wished we were. Great deals! Big Lots really should pay you :) Your deals always get me motivated to go shop there.

Goody said...

I suppose this is a good time to remind everyone that I don't do sponsored posts and if I talk up a company or product it is because i actually like it/shop there.

Of course, if I hate something, I'm pretty vocal about that as well.

Raymond said...

I'm with Danny: black currant tea. I feel it's probably a Russian thing with me.

And herring! Oh, lordy, I had some the other day that *just* hit the spot.. I couldn't stop eating it and wished I had more. It was like a couple big chunks of the whole body, minus head and tail. Great. I dunno where I got it, but SO damned tasty. (Smoked, packed in oil). Hm, kinda reminded me of Sprats, now that I mention it.