Sunday, January 01, 2012


The No Frills Supermarket in Ashland, Nebraska has undergone some renovations of late. While it looks cleaner, I still dislike the place and don't shop there save for a few emergency items. Today we stopped by, and Danny noticed the building facade was gone. Previously, it had an old, largely broken latticework fashioned from cinder-block type materials. Ugly, to be sure, but within the blocks, birds would nest. Danny loved standing by the door as a small child watching the birds poke their heads out, and hop from block to block. Now, all of the latticework has been replaced by grey, corrugated tin that makes the building look tidier (in the way that our shed appears tidy) but without a place for the hundreds of birds to build their nests. I suspect that was part of the plan, as they did cause a bit of mess that even the greatest bird lover would admit looked unappealing at the entrance to a grocer. Danny, seeing the birds were without nesting grounds was outraged enough to grab a comment card and fill it out.

It reads:

"Drill holes in the outside of the building. The birds don't have a place to nest now. You screwed your nature."

You screwed your nature. How could you go and screw your nature like that, No Frills? Why do supermarkets hate birds? Huh? Huh?

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Raymond said...

I love it. Rant on, Danny. Give em Hell.