Friday, January 20, 2012

Meet The Presidents Game

More facts than you can spin a wheel at. I don't think you could sell a game with this much reading today.
I like how Mexico is represented on the map by a sombrero and a cactus, and Canada is just a couple pine trees.

I spent the day teaching the Electoral college, and my brain is toast. A couple weeks ago, nostalgia compelled me to purchase this game for Danny on Ebay. We gave it to him tonight, because after a day of trying to understand how you can win the popular vote, and still lose an election, I thought he deserved some fun.

I had this game as a child, and I think a few of the coins are still floating about in forgotten boxes, drawers, etc. I became possessed of the idea of purchasing it for Danny, and thanks to Ebay, all the crap you had as a six year old is available for a few bucks and shipping. The other thing I'm looking for are the Marx figurines of the presidents that were given away at either the gas station, or the supermarket (I can't remember). Most of mine disappeared, and I'd love to get my hands on a set for Danny. Anyone have a set they'd consider parting with?

Really, you try explaining the US electoral system in a way that makes sense. I dare you to try.

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