Saturday, February 06, 2016

Chop Chop

I did it myself with sewing scissors. 

I chopped off my hair this morning. I figured, I could hand over good money to someone that would give me a stupid looking haircut, or I could do it myself. With the money I saved, I can treat myself to some perfume. Any idiot should be able to cut a bob, but from what I see walking around, it seems to be a lost skill. Anyway, it came out even enough, I'm happy and I can stop screwing around with curling irons for a bit. Hooray.
Went to the library for the Friends of the Library monthly book sale in the basement. That was great, then I wandered the stacks upstairs looking for interesting books to check out.

 My vintage Mosell earrings arrived in today's post, and they're beautiful-even better than the listing led me to believe. Mosell made serious art pieces disguised as costume. I was so happy to have these for a mere $13.00 There are still great deals to be found on Etsy, but you do need to search them out. The clips on the earrings are unusually comfortable-a nice bonus.

Outfit Particulars:
1990 Anne Crimins for UMI silk suit-Some posh boutique on Newbury Street in Boston, probably long gone.
Mosell earrings-Etsy
Niello bracelet-Goodwill
Fragrance-Guerlain Parure (wearing a perfume that smells like old paper to the library was an obvious choice)

That's a one-in-a-million match on the boots and bag. I was rather pleased with myself when I put them together. I might not have many talents, but finding shoes and bags that go well together is my gift.

It will probably be another 25 years before I feel the need to wear this suit again, but I thought it deserved a trip outdoors. If this had been thrifted, I'd wear the jacket all the time, but since I know what it cost new (because I forked over the cash) I'm reluctant to let anything happen to it. I do wish I could go back and tell my younger self not to shop on Newbury Street.

I can't say I learned much about "man nipples" from the book, but here's a relevant video.

I have to figure out something interesting to do tomorrow because I don't plan to watch the Superbowl. Well, I know where to find interesting books.


Bibi Maizoon said...

LOVE that paisley sapphire blue suit & your hair looks fab!
You look important, like you're running for office or selling real estate.
I guess Omaha probably isn't the greatest place to get your hair done.
If I cut your hair, I'd have put a few long layers at the crown to give it a bit more movement. Bobs are the most difficult haircut to do. You can all hide all kinds of mistakes in a layered cut, but with bobs it's more precise. Want a great bob, go to a Vidal Sassoon trained hairdresser. I get my graduated bob done by a VS trained hairdresser in Delhi twice a year. No, I can't see the back of my head well enough to cut a graduated bob on myself.

Sue said...

Yay for do it yourself haircuts and by the way from the photos you have shared it is looking pretty successful! I have never chopped the length rather just attack the fringe, such a wimp. And men have nipples why?? So we can pinch the buggers with sharp finger nails so they experience a little bit of pain!!!

Propagatrix said...

Fill my world with Danny Husk!!!!!

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Wow you look amazing, Goody. A very powerful woman is what you look like - watch out Hilary Clinton!

Beautiful suit and a glorious colour. The bag and boots are perfect and the earrings - blue and green together - yes, yes, yes!!

Your hair looks as if you have been to the hairdressers, well done you. I keep mine short because I like it short plus it's so easy to look after - wash and go....

I hope you bought lots and lots of books at the book sale



ThriftyParka said...

Tee hee! I remember that Kids in the Hall episode when it first aired. Kevin McDonald was the wife, as I recall....hilarious!!

That is a seriously nice outfit. Everything from the matching bag and boots, earrings, glasses and that FAB SUIT!!!! Please don't tell your younger self to not buy that suit!!

happy thrifting ;)

p.s. haircut looks fab too!

Curtise said...

Oh you should wear the suit all the time, otherwise you're not getting your money's worth! You could wear the pieces as separates, that skirt is divine, what a print. And the perfectly matched boots and bag are pretty damn perfect with the skirt too, so there.
As for the earrings - I agree, they are like little wearable works of art. Clever you to find them.
And you're a hairdresser too? I am impressed! The bob is beautiful. I am starting to feel most inadequate here... xxx

Beth Waltz said...

Aigner?! Have you scored both boots and bag in Etienne Aigner?! They last forever, witness my checkbook, now well into its xx decade of daily use.

Such classic albeit not-inexpensive style is well-matched with that similarly classic and definitely not-inexpensive suit -- but consider the suit a wardrobe investment that pays reliable dividends. As do the objets d'art you've attached to your ear lobes, now nicely displayed by the successful bob. (How did you manage the back?)

Goody said...

I had a Sassoon cut back in the late 70's, and it took HOURS! Oh my god, strand-by-strand-by-strand...I thought I'd die in the chair. I'll have to dig out the photos. It was a very precise cut, but I'm NEVER doing that again *Shudder*

I was able to get the back of my head with a hand mirror, the wall mirror, and left-handed scissors. It came up surprisingly even. I always end-up trimming my hair at home after a professional cut anyway, so after a while I just gave up and started doing my own.

Your hair always looks great, so if you have a good hairdresser-hang onto them.

Husk Musk!
Have you noticed no matter the subject, there's always a KITH sketch to elaborate the point?

I came home with some interesting cookery books this time (which I really don't need, but I find them impossible to resist) and a dictionary of theories. You never know when you might need a dictionary of theories, so I wanted to be prepared.

@Thrifty Parka
I always thought Kevin made the prettiest woman of the troupe.

Well stop it (feeling inadequate)! If I had to manage half of what you do in a typical week, I'd curl up in a ball and scream. You always look beautifully put together in your posts, and I particularly like your most recent blog with the tartan skirts.

The boots match the purse colour, but they are not Aigner. The bag was a steal at the Goodwill-my guess is they had no idea what it was.

The back really was just a matter of angling a mirror and scissors.

Mim said...

You do win at accessorising. I'm always in awe of your matching skills.

I cut my own hair too, though not as nicely as yours! If you'd told me a pro had done yours, I would have believed you.