Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Let's Go Shopping

I haven't done one of these posts in ages, but I've been seeing too many great buys online to keep quiet. I'm not being compensated by any of these sellers, though I have bought from a good many of them.

American Duchess is having a sale. If you click the link you can see the pair I purchased. They are beautiful beyond words. I'll need to move the buttons, but that's not difficult, and I'm glad I bought them a size larger as they run narrow. The shoes come with extra buttons and replacement heels. The quality of these shoes is nothing short of incredible. If you've been admiring the shoes at American Duchess, now is the time to buy.

Screaming Rags has a beautiful 1930's necklace with red stones and the best floral design ever. I've had the pleasure of buying from this seller, and if I thought I could get that necklace around my fat, old, neck I would buy it in a second. Alas, it ain't happening-but any swan-necked readers out there with a taste for vintage should jump on this-it is beautiful.

Scent-Cerity is an eBay seller I've recently purchased a bottle of Courreges in Blue from. It arrived in perfect condition, thoughtfully packaged and the perfume quality was excellent. I've started hoarding bottles of Courreges in Blue because I love it, and the reformulation is terrible. This is a very good price, the bottle and box were also in good condition. Looking around the seller's shop, there are many super deals to be had.

If I didn't already own a dozen or so coats, I would snag this one. The price is great, and LOOK at it! I haven't purchased from this seller (yet!). If you want this coat you'd better hurry before I change my mind and buy it.

Odona has a vintage bottle of Norell perfume in the 1/2 oz. size. $76.99 is a steal for this (Norell is getting hard to find) and though I'm tempted, I'm limiting my full bottle purchases these days due to space. I liked Norell, but I don't love it enough for a 1/2 oz. If YOU love it-this is a good opportunity to grab the perfume concentration for a reasonable price.

Vintage Hat Galore has an excellent selection of handbags as well. I'm eyeing the crocodile purse for myself. Located in the UK, the prices are so good they are still worth it even with shipping costs. Oh, and the hats? Let's just say the name of the shop is no exaggeration. Go have a look.

Past Perfect Vintage has a beautiful 1940's suit in a larger size that will knock your socks off. If you click the link, there's also a lovely appliqued cardigan on the same page. If I didn't already own similar pieces, I'd be getting out the credit card. I do like the cape detail on the suit.

Lesley's Girls Vintage has a stunning 1960's dress with the best plaid print ever. Seriously, this is a beauty, and at a good price as well.

Om Again Vintage has a pair of vintage, velveteen overboots that are to die for. Oh what I'd give for a pair in my size.  I'm seriously considering these just to have in my collection.

Dandelion Vintage has an incredible vintage, 1940's velvet evening gown in a larger size. These don't come along that often in wearable condition (the dress has a few small issues, but nothing that would keep me from wearing it) and the price is quite reasonable compared to what I've seen in other shops. You could easily spend that much on a Made in China piece of junk that you'd wear once or twice before donating. This is a lifetime piece. If you have the boobs to fill it out and you've been seeking a vintage evening gown with some serious style-this might be your dress. 

1860-1960 has an eBay auction page and if you're looking for a pair of unworn, 1930's shoes in a narrow size six-these might be your shoes! My beautiful crewel work coat came from this seller, and we had a great experience with the purchase. If you want these, you'd better hurry.
And finally, 
Viva Vintage Clothing has the most incredible fringed, Mr. Blackwell jumpsuit I've ever set eyes on. It won't fit me, but if you can pull this one off, it is a terrific deal. I promise, no one else will show up at a party wearing the same outfit. 

Hopefully, you've enjoyed looking at what these sellers have on offer, and perhaps you'll bring some of these great items home for yourself. Do have a look around the sites, because there are so many great items I couldn't possibly link to them all. These are the places I look when seeking out perfume or interesting vintage. I am not being compensated in any way by any of them, but I have (happily) purchased from several). 

...and if Mr. ETB is reading this, I wouldn't mind that blue coat for Valentine's Day.


Beth Waltz said...

Those vintage suits -- that Christian Dior! -- are an incentive to keep me on this Damn Diet. I've been watching the Father Brown series on YT, not only for Mark Williams' intelligent portrayal of a favorite character but also for Nancy Carroll's costumes as Lady Felicia. It now occurs to me wardrobe might have purchased them online!

I loved Norell, back in the day when I did wear suits to work and could therefore afford it.

Bibi Maizoon said...

Those paisley boots are to die for!
I'm still drooling over the gorgeous stuff on House of Foxy (ever since Mim wore one of their lovely dresses on her blog).

Mim said...

Those paisley boots are pure Vix! And drat you, I hadn't heard of so many of those sites. That's my lunchbreak browsing sorted.

You talk about moving the buttons on boots like it's so easy! I'd bew terrified to try to alter shoes. Ands those ones are really beautiful.

Goody said...

She's had that Dior suit there for a while-not sure why. The price is good, and the suit is in great condition. I would think a collector would snap that up quickly.

I've been staying away from their website because I know myself too well-beautiful stuff though.

I thought of Vix too-it is like they were made for her. I've never been able to find overboots in my size, but I'm hoping someday.

Moving the buttons isn't a big deal as long as you carefully mark where they go. If you see old boots where the buttons have been moved, that isn't a flaw. The boots were sold that way to ensure better fit. We have a very good cobbler here in town, so I might have him do it. The problem with moving the buttons is that I will no longer be able to slip in the shoes, and will require the use of a button-hook. Again, not a huge hassle, but it does make me weigh the pros and cons.