Thursday, February 18, 2016

Isn't That Deer, Dear?

...Or am I just bucking the trend? Will it win points, or will you just notice the nice rack? Sometimes I find myself fawning over deer-related items, but I just don't have the doe. 

I'll be getting my hat...

...but before I white tail it out of here, perhaps I'd better show you the rest of the outfit. Are you game? 

I'm still playing Flora, adorning my outfits with enough flowers to inspire bees to abandon hibernation.
Or Georgia O'Keeffe. I once took an art history course where I was required to do a close study of a famous painting. Our professor was somewhat O'Keeffe obsessed, and so I found myself spending four hours in front of Cow's Skull With Calico Roses at the Art Institute of Chicago. To the people that don't "see" the anatomy in O'Keeffe's work I can only say, I spent four hours staring at Cow's Skull With Calico Roses, and if you don't see anatomy you need to get out more. Ahem. Moving along...

I love these platform sandals I found at Goodwill-but I hate that they put the price sticker inside the shoe (you can see it if you look carefully). If I remove it, I'll damage the insole, if I leave it, I'm walking around with $3.99 stamped inside my shoe (which is, admittedly one hell of a deal, but I might wish to remove my shoes in the company of others and it isn't any of their business how much I pay for shoes. Yes, I wore "nana tights" with sandals because...well I don't really need an excuse. Get off my lawn.

 Outfit Particulars:
Tank-K Mart
Bangles-all over
Necklace-Thrift World
Earrings-New Life Thrift (a .69 cent pair of Bakelite!)
Rings-Hobby Lobby, Mum, Goodwill, Thrift World
Fragrance-L'Air du Temps (which I don't recommend accidentally spraying on your Bakelite bangles as it lets off a stench that smells a bit like that freshman biology class you took...the one with dissection).

 The ring in the middle was my mother's. She wasn't really into Native American stuff so I'm guessing this was a gift from my aunt that spent a lot of time in Arizona at a dude ranch. Eventually she moved to Arizona. After the winter we've had, I'm starting to see the wisdom in relocating to a warm climate.

 Before I leave you, here's a quick look at something I wore yesterday.
 Yep-that's pleather, Perforated pleather designed to look like clothing for sport. I'm not sure what sort of sport would require a pleather skirt...
 I asked Danny if it looked too trashy, to which he replied, "In the sense that you appear to be wearing a bin bag?"

Someone remind me to punish him when I have time.

I don't believe the pleather skirt will be a keeper, but for a buck it was worth a gamble.

I started my carnation seeds in peat pots today, so sooner or later I'll have flowers in the garden and I can stop adorning my outfits with them.

See you deers dears later.


Bibi Maizoon said...

The bin bag skirt looks very '80's in cut, and you've paired it with an appropriately dayglo chartreuse shirt to complete the Reagan era "New Wave" look.
I love the way you accessorize everything so perfectly, when I try to accessorize I look like a bag lady.
Luckily Indian traditional wear is so busy with prints & embroidery one usually doesn't need much besides a matching dupatta and bejeweled metallic sandals.
Love that brilliant coral lippy!

Connie said...

Goody you are so funny. I love that you don't follow the herd. You are looking quite bright and beautiful. That first outfit is just a whole bunch of wonderful and the second one reminds me of an article I read about a group of high school girls somewhere that protested the cost of prom dresses and made theirs out of trash bags and duct tape. They were actually quite cute. And you, young lady, are the queen of the prom.

Mim said...

Ooh, cheeky Danny! I guess it's good that he feels able to be honest with you. You're definitely rocking the florals.

Maybe it's my filthy British mind - all those Carry On films and Benny Hill, must be something in the soil - but I can't NOT see the anatomy in O'Keefe's work.

Beth Waltz said...

Dear, oh, deer: Punstering is an entrapment, similar to seeking and seeing anatomy in the works of O'Keefe. One is left alone on the bench, wondering what just happened to four hours...?

That coral lippy is a keeper, and one hopes you've bought an extra tube or two. It's a shade that suits your complexion and the bright colors you're wearing in that marvel of coordinated florals. Moi, I particularly admire the shoulder corsage that ties together the hat and skirt, pretty but tongue-in-cheek!

The platform sandals are upscale island resort elegance a la olde money, what Little Edie would have worn around the pool when Grey Gardens had more servants than cats (and fleas). Drat the sticky price tag. Could you cover it with a bit of colored fabric tape?

For once, and we need not tell him so, I agree with Danny. Pleather is a substance Thorne Garnet might employ if required to provide costumes for a sci-fi musical. (I'm thinking "Hitchhiker's Guide...")

Vix said...

Ha! Loving the OBD punning!
Those platforms and stack of bangles are right up my street. Wouldn't some nail varnish remover shift that price sticker? Much worse is one of our chazzas that scribble the price on the soles in indelible marker pen. Kneel down and you look like you're on the game.

Jayne H said...

Fabulously accessorised and gorgeous as ever Goody and Danny's comment made me giggle . . . .x

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Goody - you look like Autumn in your first outfit and Spring in your second!

I love all those bangles and 69 cents for Bakelite earrings is a bargain extraordinaire! You didn't show a close up of your necklace in the second outfit but it looks fabulous - big yellow flowers!

Pleather? Plastic leather? It's a nice skirt but I can see why you're not keeping it. Danny is a hoot! It's lovely to have kids with a sense of humour.

If you think the removal of the price tag will leave sticky residue you can try a squirt of WD40. It's brilliant at getting rid of sticky stuff and it's not very deer (oops) dear!

Have a fab weekend.


Sue said...

Daaaaaaannnnnny, ruuuuuun!!!! Bloody boys, what would they know? I am enjoying your floral extras, I did wear the flowers you sent me in my hair last weekend. Pleather, a good word for fake? Bin liner my arse!

Propagatrix said...

You might consider Goo Gone (available in fine hardware stires everywhere) for sticker removal. Petroleum distillates can achieve amazing feats.

That purse is to die for cute.

Goody said...

Thank you. I'm only able to accessorise so well because I have waaaay more accessories than anyone should. Kind of like a workshop more than a wardrobe.

There's some beautiful duct tape for sale! A trip to the office supplies store for printer paper and I come home with gold duct tape. Why? Why not! Maybe I'll take inspiration from the teens and make a skirt.

He's my Mr. Blackwell ;)

I was well into my forties before I broke down and started wearing coral. I associate it so much with my grandmother, but now that I'm old enough to be a grandmother...well anyway, yes it is probably my best lipstick colour.

The shoes do bug me a bit in that the pattern doesn't match-up on the platform. An expensive should would, I think. I had a friend that would take a black marker to the underside of her shoes to make the heel-inside match the outside because she said it made them look more expensive.

Agreed. Why they can't use grease-pencil that washes away, I'll never understand.

Can I send him to you?

Thank you-I'll try the solvent.
I had a pleather suit years ago, but I'm afraid my days of wearing it are gone. That necklace is plastic roses that are impossible to photograph. Impossible.

Yep. Plastic-leather. I like the idea better than the execution.

Oh, another good idea-thank you! I'll get those labels off eventually .