Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Lurex Goes Daywear

Why not?

There's a matching maxi skirt to this ensemble, but I was aiming for a daywear appropriate look whilst still being able to sparkle my way through the last of January. It was surprisingly difficult finding something that would go well with the top and jacket. I have yellow, peach, and white skirts, but after several tries, this grey skirt was the only thing that seemed to work with it. That tells me I need more metallic skirts in my life. Anyhoo, in the end I was pleased with how the combination came together.

 Outfit Particulars:
1970's Koret of California Lurex top and jacket (skirt not shown) Fairy Tail Costumes
Skirt-Goodwill (I think?)
Boots-K Mart
Avon heart brooch on jacket-Hand-Me-Ups
Handbag-had it since the 90's
The heart brooch is ceramic, and I don't wear it often for fear of it breaking. Don't want a broken heart, now do I?
 These massive earrings came from K Mart last season, but they remind me of the sort I wore in the 80's. Mercifully, they're made of much lighter materials.
Last week was challenging, and this week hasn't shaped up much better but the snowstorm was a welcome distraction. Being forced to stay at home and do nothing but bake, watch movies, and read is good therapy. I slept until 9 AM today. These pictures are from Monday. I've been wearing some interesting outfits, but I just haven't managed to get posts built around them.
 The upscale children's clothier, Hannah Andersson also makes a line of dresses for women. Let's be honest, this might be in an adult size, but it still looks like a child's dress. I like the quality jersey material, and the print is lovely, but I can't imagine wearing this outside the house. I like to be dressed at home, even if I'm only doing housework, and I think this dress will be great for that, but I would feel foolish wearing it out.
 "Ring around the rosy a pocket full of posy..."  

 Omaha schools have just issued a "snow-day" for Wednesday, which means no school for us either. I try to give Danny the same days off as other children so he can take advantage of all the new snow to play in as well. Our neighbourhood was spared the worst of it, but there are people without power across the city.

 I'm going to need better boots if I wander outside today.
Do you do eveningwear as daywear?  Is "eveningwear" one word or two? Do you think a foot of snow is a legitimate reason to cancel school? Do tell.


Bibi Maizoon said...

WE HAD ELECTRICITY FOR 12 HOURS TODAY!!!! WOO HOO!! We've only been having 6 hrs of electricity daily on a rotating 'load shedding schedule" since mid December. Why the sudden surge in electricity you ask? The new Madame President of Nepal flew into our town in a big ol' Russian MI-17 helicopter with full army escort. And I couldn't even be arsed to wave as her motorcade went by our house. La ti freakin' da.
Well, I am loving all the shimmery silvery fabulousness, my mom had quite a few Koret pieces in the '70's.
No way in hell could I wear that Hanna Anderson thing, big boobs+short waist+long skinny legs+empire waist anything= DISASTER!!! It looks nice on you though. I recall a fellow pharmacist with a 5 yr old girl who had several mother-daughter matchy matchy outfits from Hanna Anderson.

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Luckily, we have had no snow - only wind and rain, so I'm not complaining. I have never known my children's or grandchildren's school not to open because of snow but there's always a first time!

In answer to your question, no I haven't done evening wear as day wear but I think I might now! It's silly to have perfectly good clothes languishing in the wardrobe for want of somewhere to wear them to, isn't it? I have a rather lovely purple velvet jacket I have been eyeing up and thinking of what could I wear with it....

You look lovely, Goody. The lurex combo is so smart and I bet it looks amazing with the skirt. The jewellery is gorgeous and I particularly love your bangles and the little heart brooch - so sweet.

I think the floral/paisley dress is fab on you, particularly the colour which really suits you, but smock dresses are difficult to wear unless you're extremely thin and aged about 15! Nevertheless, I don't think you should hide this away. If I had a dress like this I would shorten it and wear over leggings.

Don't get cabin fever!



Sue said...

The ring around the rosy dress is pretty cute! WE don't get snow where I am but in the south Island of NZ they do and schools do get closed because of snow. Mums probably hate that but the kids would be rapt as. Evening wear as day wear, why not I say, and I have been known to do it. Just put something casual with it to dress it down!!

Mim said...

Why not indeed? It makes pretty spiffy daywear. Despite all the flowers, it looks very wintry, possibly because of the frosted grey. That yellow flower-paisley brooch is lush.

If I have to go out from work, I'd rather wear eveningy things to the office than daytime things on a night out. So yeah, eveningwear does work for days for me. It's not like I do anything more than sit at a desk most of the time...

Beth Waltz said...

The brooch with enamel flowers and bits of rhinestones was undoubtedly created to be worn with that lurex print! Now hunt out a set of yellow enamel floral earrings two-sizes smaller than the chandeliers and I'll agree that this evening-wear (I offer the hyphen as a compromise spelling) will serve a daywear. Methinks Muffy would wear the two-set with white wool slacks and a white or yellow knit cap to a ladies' spring fashion luncheon (remember those?) at the country club. No! Make that a champagne brunch, with daffs on the tables!

Both Chattanooga Chuck and Punksutawney Phil forecast an early spring. Let's live in hope those rodents know their stuff! Cancelling school for a foot of snow has become routine hereabouts for financial reasons as well as safety concerns. It's not that we lack the equipment to clear the roads and sidewalks, we apparently haven't the necessary funds to pay for the service. My own semi-rural road isn't cleared unless school is open, so my neighbors and I must pay a local farmer with a front-end loader to open up a path to the main road. At least the good man carts it away to his fields, rather than building 3' barriers at the ends of the driveways!

Vix said...

I prefer evening wear as day wear, the looks of horror I get when I walk around the supermarket in a lurex catsuit at lunchtime is brilliant. Lurex loses its impact in a dark pub.
Love the twin set and the little girl's dress looks gorgeous on you. Show us the matching maxi, go on! xxx

Goody said...

I'm trying to imagine my mother wearing matching outfits with us girls and I just can't. There's something a little strange about the whole mini-me thing.

A purple velvet jacket should never hide away-try it with a pair of jeans or black trousers.

That's good advice about shortening the dress-thank you.

Snow looks pretty, but trust me it is a hassle-you're not missing much.

That was always tricky for me planning after work clothes, but I tended to work in either very formal places, or completely casual ones. Now, I neither work, nor go out so that problem's been sorted, and I just dress up to go to the supermarket.

That sounds similar to our old situation in the country as well-the road was on a school route, so it got ploughed, but our access road to the main road was at the mercy of the farmer, but he needed the drive to get to his cattle, so we would get dug out.

If I walked around anywhere in a lurex catsuit (or any catsuit for that matter) it would be grotesque, but on you it is a different story!