Monday, February 22, 2016

Get Your Beige On

Helloooo everybody! I do hope you had a nice weekend. 

I decided to wear beige to match my walls and carpeting. I like beige-it is like a primed canvas ready to be changed-up at a moment's notice...and it shows less dirt than white!  I tend to accessorise beige with gold, but silver works too. I know beige has come to mean, "boring" but I do find it a good starting place for clothes that have no other match. I particularly like it with brown, as I've done here.

 I bought this dress last summer on one of my trips to Grand Island, NE for the fair. I can't remember exactly where along the way this was purchased (possibly Lincoln, or Seward, but I couldn't swear for certain) but I do recall that it was inexpensive. Typically, I hesitate when it comes to long-sleeves on a heavy polyester dress as they tend to get suffocating quickly. I took a risk on this one because it wasn't much money, and I love the pattern and the way it adds interest to an otherwise plain cut and coloured dress. I like looking like I'm wearing vintage upholstery fabric. Don't judge. 
Can you see the sunbeam from the door window falling into my hand? I couldn't do that again in a million tries, but it made for a fun photo. Yes, I bring the sunshine to the blogsophere. You're welcome.

 Outfit Particulars:
1960's polyester dress-Can't remember
1940's/50's swing jacket-Hand-Me-Ups
1950's straw hat-Hand-Me-Ups
Charm bracelet-built it over the years
1960's Gaymode handbag-Goodwill
1960's Gaymode shoes-Thrift World
1950's Corocraft earrings-Thrift World
Fragrance-Vintage formulation Diorissimo
Lippy-Maybellene Shocking Coral

That was Saturday. By Sunday, I still hadn't snapped-out of my mood for dull colours.

 I promise you, I'm not in a bad mood! For some reason all the photos yesterday came out looking like I was ready to tear someone's eyes out. Still, just to play it safe, you shouldn't cross me.
 The blouse and skirt are both Pendleton Country Sophisticates, their non-woolen line. They're beautiful clothes, and both are machine washable, and they seem to be impossible to wrinkle, even after a day sitting at a desk. I have better things to do with my time than iron, so hooray for wrinkle-resistant clothing. Well done, Pendleton.

This lovely little brooch hardly gets worn as most of my outfits seem to demand bolder pieces. I've been making an effort to wear pieces that have been languishing in my collection. I can't even remember the last time I wore this. It is possible I haven't in all the years I have this blog. Ooops! I need to do better with that. 

 This bracelet has matching earrings...but they hurt. Women in decades past were tougher than I am.
 Both fake, but so sparkly and pretty.  Yes, there is something wrong with my index finger. I woke up with it that way about a week ago. The swelling hasn't grown worse, but it hasn't gone down either, and I can't really bend it. I'm assuming it is arthritis, though the fact it is isolated to one finger is curious. Isn't aging the absolute best?! Still, I can't complain-I have it pretty easy on the scale of catastrophic things people suffer from. By my age my mother had already had heart surgery, cancer, diabetes, spine surgery, and a hip replacement.
These porcelain earrings are so delicate they get their own padded box for storage. I'm so concerned I might damage them that I rarely wear them. The screw-back fastenings aren't the most secure, and at some point I really ought to replace them with clips-I'm sure I'd wear them loads more if I did. 

I purchased an eyebrow marker by NYX that works like a felt-tip with a very precise point. I am IN LOVE! No more smeared eyebrow crayon. No more messy gels and powders. Sakes alive, I'm lucky to be living in this age of scientific advancements. Oh sure, discoveries about gravitational waves are important, but they don't give you perfect brow definition. Did you ever see the brows on that Einstein fellow?  

Outfit Particulars:
Skirt and top-both vintage Pendleton Country Sophisticates-Goodwill
Moda international mohair cardigan-Goodwill
Brooch-Can't remember
Rings-Shop Ko
Vintage Naturalizer shoes-Thrift World
Lippy-Cheap crayon from Walgreen's
Fragrance-Guerlain Guet Apens

There's a bloom on my gardenia tree in the sunny corner of the living room. Surely that's a good sign that spring is just around the corner. 

Have a lovely week. 

That's Right, Einstein


Mim said...

Two lovely outfits! I have to avoid beige, especially when I've got my natural hair colour, as I'm mostly varying tones of beige myself, but your colouring is strong enough for it. The bag is a smasher too.

I can't wait for Spring!

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

I love both your outfits. Beige can look classy and I love contrasting it with brown, and your dark colouring stops it from washing you out - as it does to a lot of people! I absolutely love the swing jacket and the bag - gorgeous!

As Senora Allnut would say - lovely bijouterie! (I assume that means jewellery - I should google it really....).

My brother has the same problem with his finger - he calls it 'trigger finger' and I think it is arthritis related.

I bought the OH a cherry tree and apple tree for the allotment and as a belated Valentine's day present. I also bought a magnolia and thought he'd plant that in the garden in a container, but he planted it at the allotment; so if I want to see Spring being sprung via blossoms I'll have to trek up to the allotment!

Hope you have a good week

Vix said...

Ace outfits as always. The tapestry bag is a beauty and you look rather Jackie O like in the first ensemble.
The eyebrow marker looks the business, being a wishy washy natural blonde mine are tattooed on. Best thing ever. xxx

Beth Waltz said...

The beige beauty does look like something Jackie O would have worn to a supper with a Chinese VIP (I'm calling the brocade pattern Asian Clouds). She would have worn the Pendleton skirt and shirt with a short black suede jacket to her editorial desk in her later years.

The floral earrings are exquisite, but they do look so dainty and easily lost that I'd probably keep them as pets to admire.

Switched to a liquid lippy base years ago, using the so-called liner as a base coat makes repolishing the look a simple matter of slapping on gloss. The eyebrow marker holds great appeal!

That finger might literally be a case of "trigger finger." The tendon passing through the bone become irritated and swollen, the finger stops bending, and it hurts. Have experienced this condition in both thumbs as a result of a head-on collision. The treatment was a steroid shot in the right hand because I needed it, and time-the-great-healer for the left, because the shot hurt, too.

Bibi Maizoon said...

Doesn't Nyx ROCK? I loved Nyx's brow marker but unfortunately it dried out in 2 weeks. If you have that problem Nyx also makes a "Micro Brow" pencil that is just as easy to use as the marker with the same results. When I wish to get my Anita Ekberg/Dovima ala La Dolce Vita 50's Bollywoodesque flicks & brows to ultimate fleekness that's what I use.
Love those sophisticated beiges, so sublime.
Looking bobbed & preppy in that Pendleton ensemble!

Sue said...

Goody you are the little ray of sunshine, it was emitting from your hand perfectly!! I haven't done beige, I think because of my paler complexion, and you know I would have to throw some colour at it. I love your porcelain earrings, I have a pair I wore on my wedding day and haven't since then. I think I have a matching brooch, maybe I should dig them out and wear them when my hair is up.

Goody said...

You have a beautiful complexion ( I wouldn't call it "beige"). But yes, it is a tricky colour to wear without something bright like a scarf near your face.

Mr. ETB gets trigger finger too-THAT is horrible! At least I can wiggle mine if I have to. I can't imagine how strange it would be to have it stuck in that position.

That's so nice that your allotment permits trees (our community gardens would never go for it). Cherry blossoms are just about the prettiest thing in the world-worth a trek to the allotment for sure!

I wanna be Jackie Onassis
I wanna wear a pair of dark sunglasses
I wanna be, Jackie Onassis
Oh yeah
Oh yeah.

Ahem, sorry lost myself in song there for a minute ;)

I had no idea your eyebrows are permanent-they look great. I'm *this close* to doing the same as mine are starting to go grey.

I remember being so annoyed with the way Jackie dressed when she went to work-I mean, all the money in the world and she'd wear ugly trousers and a white blouse?! Expensive ugly trousers, but still.

All I can say is, "Thank goodness it wasn't my middle finger!"

I'm giving it time, but this typing one-handed nonsense is getting annoying.

Oh, I hope it lasts (I want this love to go on forever!) but that's good to know about the pencil.

Oh yes, fish them out and show us your wedding accessories!