Thursday, October 02, 2008

Bargains And A Splurge

It was just dumb luck that I happened upon a fantastic table linen sale at Target. I rarely go there, but when it is time to replace the massive bottle of 1,000 Ibuprofen tablets, you can't beat their price. I go through a lot of Ibuprofen. Anyway, I had Danny with and we were wandering around looking for shoe laces when I found the place mats and napkins. The place mats were .74 cents and the 2-packs of napkins $1.00. As a bonus, they are actually made of OK looking linen. I bought up what they had of the neutral and a dozen of the black and white.

I do use place mats and cloth napkins daily at home (I'm not paying for paper) but these are actually a bit nice for spilled grape juice. I always find myself needing gifts for weddings or housewarmings (OK, probably not so many housewarmings any more, given the current state of the US economy) and these are screaming to be hand embroidered. I like stocking up on things like towels and tablecloths and when it is three weeks before Christmas and I need a gift in a hurry, I can usually do a bit of Swedish weaving, or embroidery on a set of towels and be all set. I know these are going to come in handy.

It was a good thing I saved all that money on the place mats and napkins because the boots for Danny cost thirty bucks! I know, I know. I think these are the first "new" (as in "not previously owned") footwear he's ever had. I also managed to find him a pair of shoes for under $2.00 at Thrift World that looked like they'd never been worn-so I feel a bit less extravagant about the boots. Hey, they light up! I mean, how cool is that? I know I caved and bought them for Danny because I never got the fantastic pair of pastel pink galoshes they had at DeWitt's shoe store and instead got the same damn pair of Buster Brown shoes every single year until I was old enough to buy my own shoes. I didn't think he'd want pink galoshes, so I went for the Cars movie boots. Hey, do you know how to spell "sucker?" M-A-M-A. Yep, that's me.


Page D. said...

Those boots are so cool. He will LOVE them! I still remeber the first cowboy boots my m om bought me, I'm sure she couldn't afford them at the time.

Goody said...

I sure hope he loves them (thirty bucks, I still can't believe it).

Isn't that neat how we remember things after so many years. I still remember the beaded-purse our housekeeper made for my sixth birthday. It wasn't anything fancy-just plastic beads in a sort of macrame, but I'll never forget it.