Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Grrrrrr, I'm Frank The Angry Combine
A whole bar of expensive chocolate? Awesome!
What the heck is "trail mix" and why would you give that to kids for Halloween? Notice I'm still wearing my coat? He wasn't going to wait for me to get my coat off before checking out the candy haul. Man, being 3 1/2 has to be the best-no one will ever cater to your demands again the way they do when you're 3 1/2.
Chocolate skittles, Dots and JuJuFruits. Good thing Danny doesn't have any fillings to pull out.

Danny had a blast. Papa glued the wheels on upside down, so we had to put the corn head in the "up" position, but other than that,the costume went over pretty well. The character is Frank The Combine from the Disney movie, Cars. I was a little surprised how many of the other children recognised it right away and showed their approval.

One house we went to had their garage open and lit up and Danny spotted their old Chevy pickup from the 40's. They indulged him by turning on the lights and letting him have a look at the restoration work-that was very cool.

It is a very small town (a couple streets with a few hundred people) so we were done rather quickly with plenty of time to come home and check out the candy. Danny had his first chewy-sticky-gooey Tootsie Roll and really enjoyed it once he figured out it melts off your teeth.

It was too dak to get a photo, but one house in town had a small ornamental tree shaped into a topiary of sorts with eyes glued on to the top. It took me a second to realise it was the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Considering where we live, that was really pretty awesome. The guy was pretty nice too-let Danny ring the bell* even though he was standing outside distributing candy.
"The boy's a traditionalist."


*Half the fun is ringing the bell, but it was a warm evening and people were just sitting out on the steps, and Danny was feeling a little cheated. We don't have a doorbell at home...Because I want to win a no-bell prize.

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