Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Veggie Cutlet Sandwiches

Here's what I did with the rolls from the previous post. I cooked a thinly sliced onion and a few sliced carrots in olive oil until quite soft. I cooked the "chicken" patties and at the last minute topped with some thinly sliced Swiss cheese. In another pan I cooked the "fakin' bacon." For a dressing I mixed mayonnaise with mustard.

Of course this is junk food. Perhaps not as bad as actual chicken and bacon, but there really isn't any way to honestly call this a "healthy alternative." It's full of preservatives as well.

I rarely buy this sort of thing because it is so expensive and the preservatives can cause Danny to reek in maple. I know from experience now that certain foods will do that and I don't freak out, but generally speaking, we stay away from things that will make Danny manifest symptoms and subsequently cause mama to freak out. Besides, he hates when I keep sniffing him-it is kind of weird looking, having your mother sniffing you. So yeah, we don't buy a lot of these. So far so good-he just smells like a kid that needs a bath.

A tomato and some lettuce would have been nice but my beautiful tomato I was saving was icky inside, and I don't buy lettuce too often. They both enjoyed dinner anyway.

I skipped the cutlets and condiments and ate half a roll instead and I must say-they turned out very nicely. I'm curious to see how they hold up overnight.

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