Saturday, October 04, 2008

A Gazillion Batches Of Pesto

-or a dozen dinner-sized freezer bags ready to last through winter. Every week I've been returning from the farmer's market with a dozen bunches of basil-large, generous bunches. This week, because the season is ending, I bought two dozen. Three and a half hours later, I had my twelve freezer bags filled.

They do almost look like drugs, eh? Well, if you've ever had really good pesto it is kind of a euphoria inducing experience, but I don't think it's so good they'll have to make it illegal. I also found a use for those half-sized baggies I bought by mistake. Filling one makes just enough sauce for a family-sized meal. Perfect.

Less perfect is what stripping the leaves off two dozen bunches of basil will do to your hands. It will probably fade just in time to do it again for the last time next week.

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