Tuesday, March 16, 2010

At The Very Least, They Need A Better Acronym

I hate to see anyone lose their job. Except maybe THESE people. I wish I could hire them all...just so I could have the pleasure of sacking them all over again.

Oh, they're too good for menial, minimum wage work. Yeah, OK. That's the sort of people we should be holding up as examples of perseverance? Gah. Oooh, a project manager. I'll bet you feel pretty darn important, huh? Since when is a project manager an executive anyway?

Still, there's plenty of humour to be found in their unhappiness (as it should be). From the article:

"Among them is Paul David Madsen, self-titled America's Job Coach and author of a new book: “Laid off & Loving It for 2010: Rebuilding Your Career or Small Business with Social Media's Help; Make Your Own TwitterVator Speech, Let Linkedin End Your Job Hunt.”

Oh geez, and he's unemployed, what with a book title like that, and all. Unbelievable.

"There's Mac, an Air Force retiree with executive experience: “I'm looking for a company that needs help moving toward the next level of excellence.”

OK, that's just kind of pathetic. I actually feel a smidgen of sympathy for him. But really, how the hell do people learn to speak like that?

I know so many people out of work, nearly out of work, underemployed, who are just steps from homelessness...and these schmucks think they are too good to push a broom, or work a cash register? I mean, fine-feel any way you like, but it is beyond sickening that the paper thinks they are not only worthy of an article, but that they deserve congratulations for "not settling" for work they deem beneath them.

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