Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wahoo, Nebraska-Where Every Day Is Like Being Trapped In A John Waters Movie

It could just be me, as I have this precedent for attracting strangeness. My husband attributes this to having a numerically interesting birth date, and my parents naming me for a Donovan song. It's like they overwhelmed the balance of the universe or something, and now I live life as a weirdo magnet. Really, I don't mind-I like weirdos. Mostly.

So when the morbidly obese old man in full St. Patrick's Day regalia sitting on the bench at exit to the Sun Mart asked if I wanted to sit on his lap, I laughed and said:
"Aw thanks, but not today."

I was halfway through the door when I heard:

"I'll bet you jiggle nice."

So. How was your St. Patrick's Day?


Raymond said...

I'm probably the least shock-able person on the PLANET. But "I'll bet you jiggle nice" is just creepy! Ew. I need to go scrub that thought off of myself.

Goody said...

I seem to attract creepy, really. I don't know if I send out a vibe that people can utter the most outrageously inappropriate things to me, or that they can share thoughts no one really ought to have-whatever. It happens so much I've stopped being disturbed by it.

Thankfully, I don't know this fellow and won't have to go to any effort avoiding him. It's much worse when the crazy/creepy shit comes from people you know.

Goody said...

Maybe it has something to do with pesticide run-off in the water around here or something.