Friday, March 19, 2010

Overheard At Morrill Hall

Danny and his papa were off playing in the children's area, so I waited by the interactive Darwin exhibit. If you've ever wondered what Darwin's study looked like, or wanted to see his snuff box, you can take a virtual tour through his home, and learn interesting trivia along the way. Did you know the Darwins played two games of backgammon each evening, and kept records of who won over decades? I sure didn't. The collection of photographs is fascinating, and easily navigated via a well designed exhibit. After I satisfied my curiosity about Darwin, I sat on a bench across from it to wait for the boys.

I watched a steady stream of youngsters pulled away from it by parents who thought it was "for grown ups." That was kind of sad, but it was free admission night at the museum, and I guess they came for dinosaurs and moon rocks.

Finally, two college aged young women sat down at the exhibit. Between giggles, taking photographs with a cell phone, and random clicking on pictures one managed to utter:

"Oh shut up, wait... I don't even know who he is. Did he write books or something?"

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