Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Salmon With Dried Apricots and Fennel

Yeah, that looks like a whole lot of butter in the photo. Most of it runs down into the foil packet anyway. Very moist though *nods head*. Amazing what a bunch of butter will do for fish.

Danny is the only one who like salmon, so on nights when his papa is eating something "non vegetarian" (I do cook my husband a brisket now and then) I have frozen individual servings on hand. I think these were something like 3/$5.00 which is acceptable. The fillets are surprisingly nice.

I chopped up dried apricots, some preserved lemon peel, raisins, and gave it a generous grinding of sea salt and black pepper. I toasted some fennel seeds in a frying pan until they were fragrant, and added them to the topping. Everything was sealed in a foil pouch and baked at 375 degrees F. for about 20 minutes. Danny loved it.

Don't be afraid to try dried fruit in savoury dishes.


Raymond said...

I used to have a supply of tamale-paper (when corn husks aren't used) from a mexican grocery. I'd steam food in it, particularly fish. I *love* cooking in paper.. the probably less expensive version of cooking in foil.

Goody said...

I never heard of tamale paper (I either use parchment or coffee filters when I run out of cornhusks) but I'm going to look for it. Parchment is way too expensive now. Thanks for the tip.

I can get cheap (though flimsy) store brand foil here,strangely enough.

Raymond said...

tamale paper is probably parchment paper, but just sold cheaper in mexican groceries. It's sold in rolls (or was, way back when): white sheets appx a foot square (or closely rectangular).