Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Swallows

The swallows came back today. Every year, they re-build their nest in the roof of our front porch. We never use the front door anyway, and they are more than welcome to stay.

I first noticed them the year I was expecting. I tell Danny that each year, Mrs. Swallow comes back with her babies to show me how much they've grown, and to see how my baby has grown. I'm sure by next year, he'll no longer accept that story, but it is nice to see them year after year.

I have a really awful viral yuck. That's a bona fide medical term, "Viral Yuck." Look it up. Anyway, don't expect much around here. I thought after six weeks of being sick with the last viral yuck that I was probably through for the year. Crap. Just in time for the holidays.

My trays of seedlings are all sitting in the sunny dining room window. If the insane wind ever stops I can direct sow the radishes and peas. I watched a farm cat eat two small snakes, one after the other-like he was slurping up spaghetti. Good kitty. It must be spring.

OK, I'm off to bed. Cough, sneeze, hack.

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