Tuesday, March 23, 2010


With Passover and Easter overlapping, our interfaith household is in a bit of a bind. I know there will be complaining if I neglect the usual assortment of Easter breads, so I'm going to do them this week. I think this will be helpful to anyone looking for things to actually serve at Easter. I thought about going the Eastern route, and baking the breads late, but Danny is really after me to bake a basket bread, so there you go. Personally, I think he wants to colour eggs with the Transformers kit I bought him (stickers, egg holders, etc.). I think we all know what movies I'd be designing egg colouring kits for, were it left to me. Thankfully, I'm not in the business of deciding those things, though I'd like to think we'd all live in a much better world if I were. Obviously, I can't be objective about this.

I'm also going to make Danny's basket candy myself. I have a recipe for a fluffy chocolate nougat filling, originally intended for cakes (from a Depression era cookbook). I'm hoping it will work, and I can fill chocolate with it in an approximation of a Milky Way bar. I guess I'll need caramel too. I have egg shaped moulds too. I bought some concentrated apricot flavouring, but I'm not sure if that would just be too strange as a hard candy. I don't know, I guess we'll see.

Mind, it isn't all candy around here at holiday time. I have a supply of balsa wood gliders, and just the coolest kaleidescope ever to stash in the basket. But I need to step on it-Passover starts Monday evening, and I don't even remember where half my table linens are packed.

Now, for local readers. Thursday evening is the last of the free nights at Morrill Hall. Friday evening, the observatory in Mead has visitor's night, and Saturday is the Severe Weather Symposium at UNL. So quit yer complaining that there isn't anything to do that doesn't cost money.

Meanwhile, I might be posting a bit less than usual, or in batches through the next couple weeks.

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