Monday, March 22, 2010

Raise The Scarlet Standard High, Beneath The Folds We'll Never Die...

I went to bed really excited, being told I'd wake the following morning to a socialist paradise. I sort of expected Raise The Red Flag, and The Internationale, to be blaring from the radio. Instead, I got up and damnit, wouldn't you know-I'm still living in late-capitalist America.

I guess the Mao suit goes back in the closet.


Just from what I've observed in other countries that socialise their medical services, it seems unlikely people will want to give those benefits up once they have them.

I'm still kind of bummed about the socialism thing.


"Though cowards flinch and traitors sneer we'll keep the red flag flying here..."


Raymond said...

So this means that though I'm a part-time worker (ugh, life in radio) I can get healthcare? What the hell is this country becoming?! What's next, marriage for EVERYone?!

Goody said...

I married Mr. ETB for his health benefits. Now I can divorce him!

But yeah, if you want to get married (I'm not recommending it) you damn well ought to be able to. I still wouldn't recommend it though.