Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More Holiday Fun

You know how I consider Female Trouble the best Christmas movie ever? I think we might have a new Passover tradition of watching, Palindromes. OK, it isn't specifically a Passover movie, but the family is Jewish, and they remind me of my family-in a totally psychotic way (actually, when was my family NOT ever totally psychotic?). I laughed myself sick when I saw it originally, and I wondered if I'd still be amused by it-I am! I probably ought to be ashamed by that, by eh, what the hell.

Seriously, it is like watching my parents being channeled.

Obviously, I didn't let Danny watch it, but I'm thinking of buying a copy for him when he's a teenager, and starts asking questions about my side of the family. Really, the film is just as good as meeting them, and you have the benefit of hitting mute when it gets to be too much.

Oh yeah, I guess if we were normal people, we could just rent The Ten Commandments as a Passover movie...I think you can finish that sentence by yourselves.

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