Monday, April 19, 2010

Cream Cheese Dough Update

I had half of the cream cheese dough (scroll down to yesterday's posts) from the turnovers still in the fridge, so I made a batch of rugelach. We all agreed it is better than my regular dough. You must re-chill the dough after forming the rugelach for at least half an hour so the dough won't spread in the hot oven. Other than that, proceed as usual. I used chocolate chips and the leftover maple syrup for filling. Gosh that was good. Luckily, I only had half a batch of dough, or it might have been dangerous.

Next time, I'll try blind baking this dough to use for tarts-I have a feeling it will be rather versatile. It would probably do well with something like curried mushrooms, or carmelised onions as well.

How exciting-two new pastry recipes in as many weeks that have had excellent results.

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