Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Maple Pots de Creme With Maple Butterscotch Sauce

This was the first thing I've really eaten in a couple days. Oh I know, I should have transitioned with something like runny porridge, or clear soup but Oh.My.God.This is delicious beyond words. I really expected I'd manage a bite or two at most-not polish off a whole serving. Must be the healing power of maple syrup. Well no, I'm not healed...but I sure am happy! The sauce alone would be an incredible pig-out food.

The genius responsible for this magical maple pots de happy is Eggs on Sunday. I suggest you go over there right now. Go on, I'll still be here when you click back. Good old reliable Goody is always sitting here waiting for someone to stop by and....oh hey, you're back. Was I right? Is that like a magical place or what? God, how am I going to sit here writing about that sauce without...yeah, hang on, I need more.

Sauce recipe, HERE.
*drum your fingers on the desk for a minute while I feed my face some more maple sauce*

Yeah, OK. That's better. Thanks for waiting.

You really don't need to unmould these. I only did the one for the photograph because I was feeling overly-confident after turning out a perfect potatoes Anna. Sure, it came out of the ramekin OK-but you could just drizzle the sauce on top and serve it simple.

*You know, I'm not really a "look for the silver lining" kind of person (because I'm a fucking pessimist. Duh.) but I suppose the bright side of being chronically ill is that when I can actually eat...the calories don't count. Dudes! The calories don't count.

*OK, the casual visitor to the blog might think this is horrible, but really-I have a pretty good sense of humour about it. And really, not that I was looking for reasons to go on living-but if I were, maple pots de creme would be a rather compelling draw.


Raymond said...

Hey, you're not as bad off in the eating dept as Roger Ebert.

Goody said...

Yeah, well....thank god for small favours.

I know a feeding tube would make life a million times better for me in the nutrition department, but I'm putting that off as long as possible. I can manage soft things, if they aren't too thick-I wouldn't dare try bread, or even mashed potatoes. I Do really like the idea of being the food blogger with a feeding tube-I mean, I have to get a book deal out of that, right?

"She's got a cooking blog, but she lives on soup cubes and popsicles."

Again, I'm not saying this in a self-pitying way-I just have a really dark sense of humour. Yeah, you're right, there's always someone worse off.