Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Nine Year Old Arrested For "Threats"

A nine year old mouths off that he's going to "shoot up" a classmate's family business, and is charged with felony terroristic threats.

Unless they think the child had access to a weapon, or the ability to make good on the threats, charging him with a felony is quite over the top. For a state that can't manage their child welfare problems, moving more kids into the system for essentially saying something stupid...sigh. We all know this kid wouldn't be getting charged with a felony if he didn't live in a poor, minority neighbourhood. His parents probably won't be able to hire a good attorney to call bullshit on these charges either.

It used to be the biggest worry parents had sending their kids to school was the odd dodgeball injury. Today, you're lucky if the kid gets through middle school without a criminal charge on their record.

This is almost as absurd as the teen who was arrested and suspended from school for saying a teacher ought to "be flogged."

Obviously, none of these school administrators, or police were ever children.


Raymond said...

Last night I watched some of PBS's Masterpiece Theatre presentation of "Oliver Twist" (with some really quite good performances, I must say). Next step for NE authorities is to sentence children to the gallows, as a judge sentenced poor little Oliver.

Goody said...

They already give juveniles life sentences.That's not much better than a death sentence.