Thursday, April 01, 2010

Giving New Meaning to "Take Out"

Am I the only one that thought that NPR report about the Israeli caterer was horrible? Honestly, I'm not shocked that the Mossad need special catering to provide Kosher meals to their agents in other countries (like the recent Dubai assassination where they used the bogus British passports)but calling it, "Israeli Take Outs" is really pretty tasteless. Maybe it isn't that bad in Hebrew, and it is only a bad translation. But still...that just isn't something to be joking about.

I did think it was interesting that they can only supply dairy based meals because it is too difficult to get Kosher meat in most of the places where they are working. I suppose the CIA have their vetted caterers too, but hearing about it, on the morning news like it is the most ordinary thing in the world-just seemed a bit disturbing.

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