Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How About That

I was in the mood for some sweets, and when i saw the bags of Brach's candy on sale for a dollar each, I couldn't resist. A woman was standing in the aisle beside me selecting other candy. As I turned to put the Orange Slices, Wintergreen Lozenges, Kentucky Mints, and Cinnamon Disks into my cart, I caught the woman's eye. She was about my age, and we both started laughing.

"Oh my god, I'm buying old lady candy."

True, isn't it? When you're young, you don't carry around candy in your purse to deal with a dry mouth. I don't think people under forty get "dry mouth." Seems to show up around the same time as those wiry eyebrow hairs that make you look like Brezhnev, and bunions on your feet.

You do realise, I completely skipped becoming my mother, and went straight for granny. If I start developing the annoying habit of clicking my thumbnails together I want someone to shoot me.

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